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The good things the MeetShareDance is doing for the people and society are to be seen with ones heart. If you find it a great thing you’re welcome to help it make possible year by year and grow over its boundaries.With your knowledge, time and love we can do better and greater festival

You can donate YOUR TIME and YOUR ABILITY as we will be happy to receive a help from

  • graphic designers
  • photographers
  • choreographers
  • marketing professionals
  • volunteers

You can donate YOUR MONEY as it will help or even enable us to:

  • train and develop our dancers
  • continue with organization of the festival
  • offer educational program, seminars, integrated workshops … to Meet and Share and Dance!

One aim – different ways:

PayPal:  Make a Donation - PayPal

MeetShareDonate – Your contributions are accepted with gratitude. Thank you!

Please note that your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law in many countries. After donation you are welcome to come back with request to fill your country specific form to apply for tax officials.

MeetShareDance is a non-profit association listed in the Register of Associations of the Community of Madrid as number 60.3668
MeetShareDance es la asociación sin animo de lucro inscrita en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones con numero 60.3668


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* Pollination Project




* PK Zebra

* Nastija Folič – Photography

* Primož Umek – film, video

* Jan Petrič (Slovenia) – graphic design, logo

* Awesome Foundation (USA)

awesome without borders
awesome without borders