MeetPro22 is a collaboration project to explore different artistic sectors and future creative projects. Team members from three Mediterranean (Spain, Portugal, Italy) and two Western Balkan (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) countries will explore possibilities of combining music, dance and theater, co-create new artistic productions, expand the horizons and establish possibilities for inclusive performing arts in all five countries. The main goal is to bring emerging artists/teachers and experts on the field together and create new artistic and educational projects that could be later delivered to the local communities on an inclusive level.

Diana Azevedo (PT). Based in Porto, dancer, teacher and artistic director of Popolomondo – Associação Cultural that organizes courses and events that promote traditional and inclusive culture. She is also artistic director of the inclusive projects A_ju_dança and Síncrone. Since 2009, she has focused the career on training specific audiences (teachers of children/youths and adults, with or without disabilities), having taught training courses in various institutions on national and international level.

Saša Jovanović (BiH). Living in Banja Luka, associate professor at University of Banja Luka, ballroom dancer, founder and head coach of the Habanera Academic Dance Club. Recently involved in different projects that includes dance intervention as a way to help people with Alzheimer’s disease and the second one is designed with the idea to have dance as a tool for elderly people to help them to improve the quality of their lives.

Chiara Gelmini (IT). Based in Trieste, singer, actress, illustrator. She is a founder of ‘A suitcase full of notes’, a music project where she guides the audience through the songs as if it was a journey through different sonorities, languages and stories from all over the world. She is a 360 degree artist exploring different artistic languages and mixing them. She is deeply connected to theater work and dance (butoh) as well.

Barbara Šamperl (SLO). Living in Ljubljana, starting her career as a ballroom para-dancer where she achieved significant success at the national level (state champion in ballroom and Latin-American and standard dances) and internationally. Founder of Plan B where she is creating and leading inclusive yoga classes and workshops. She is developing and delivering adapted teaching programs for teachers.

Partner: The i-Portunus Houses pilot scheme is implemented, on behalf of the European Commission, by a consortium of organisations that have been pioneers of European cultural mobility programmes themselves. Coordinated by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), the i-Portunus Houses consortium involves MitOst (Berlin) as main mobility implementer and the Kultura Nova Foundation (Zagreb) as lead in evaluation and analysis.