European Audiovisual Creation Competition ” 59 seconds “

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MeetShareDance will participate in European Audiovisual Creation Competition ” 59 seconds “.

Cartel Concurso Europeo de Creación Audiovisual

Thank you for letting us use your place Espacio En Blanco.


MeetShareDance participara en el Concurso Europeo de Creación Audiovisual

“59 segundos”.

Agradecimiento a Espacio En Blanco para dejarnos la sala.

Video Dance festival Fiver

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Video dance festival FIVERIf you are interested in Video dance art this is the festival in Spain. More info:

MeetShareDance will participate at the festival colaborating with DanZass and video artist Barbara Domínguez Sánchez.

Thanks to Espacio en Blanco.


Si estáis interesados en Videodanza hay un festival ahora en España. Mas info:

MeetShareDance va a participar en el festival en colaboración con DanZass y vídeo artista Barbara Domínguez Sánchez.

Agradecimiento a Espacio en Blanco.

Course Creating Site-Specific Dance and performance works

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Stephan Koplowitz

MSD enrolled in a course at California institute of the Arts led by Stephan Koplowitz

Very interesting course about Site Specific dance with a choreographer Koplowitz.

This course is taking a look into the process of creating live site-specific choreography/performance works from conception, production to performance. Site-specific dance/performance is work created in response to a particular place, site, inspired by its architecture/design, the history and current use.

Very excited!!

Do you remember? Flash Mob moments

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Do you remember? Some last captured moments from MeetShareDance flash mob in Madrid. The streets are waiting for the next one!

Te acuerdas? Los últimos momentos de MeetShareDance flash mob en Madrid. Las calles nos están esperando!!

DSC_0179           DSC_0338

DSC_0195     DSC_0293

Photos-First days (primeros días)

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More photos from photographer Helga. She was with us most of the days, behind the scenes.

Más fotos de fotógrafa Helga, que estaba con nosotros todos los días.

DSC_0296   DSC_0151

Photos from the last day: jam session/ las fotos del ultimo día

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The last day of the festival – jam session.

Photographer Barbara Domínguez Sánchez came and she caught us in the act.


El ultimo día del festival – la jam sesión.

Vino la fotógrafa Barbara Domínguez Sanchez y nos pilló bailando.

Por B+írbara Dom+şnguez (17)        Por B+írbara Dom+şnguez (5)



Thank you / Gracias

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We dance through another one. MeetShareDance 2013 it’s over and here are the first photos, thanks to Olga.

Thanks for your energy and keep on dancing!!


Hemos terminado MeetShareDance 2013 bailando. Publicando las primeras fotos, gracias a Olga.

Gracias por vuestra energía y sigan bailando.

DSC_0111 copia  DSC_0205 copia