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Thank you Berlin!

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We have left many footsteps on the dance floor in Berlin, MET new people, SHARED many moments and DANCED all three days. 

Thank you for your passion and for your smiles. Thank you tanzfähig for the invitation and all the teachers, participants, visitors and our third eye, photographer Ute Haufe…and yes the FLOORS ARE MADE TO DANCE ON.



Street parade…is this already over?

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We have managed to dance at Brandenburg gate today, together with the motorbikes and horses and tourists and so much more. So much fun! Thank you Berlin.


A dance floor MeetShareDance 2017

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Enough space to dance – UFERStudios, studio n.11
DATE: August 24-26, 2017


Douglas Scott – Full Radius Dance (Technique and diverse body)
Violeta Fatas  Pares Sueltos (Improv Games)
Wagner Moreira – C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities of Research & Explorations)
Evelyne Wohlfarter  tanzfähig (Your movement – Your sound)
Silva Laukkanen & Tanya Winters – Body Shift (From words to abstract choreography)


Schedule Berlin 2017

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The schedule for three days of the MeetShareDance workshop festival with tanzfähig 
Don’t wait for the last dance to register, but you can save the last dance for us.


PLACE: Uferstudios, Berlin
DATE: August 24-26, 2017


Memories from street perfomance in Dublin

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Last day of MeetShareDance 2015 we hit the road and did some dancing with the crowd in downtown of Dublin.

Así fue nuestro ultimo día de MeetShareDance festival en Dublin en Julio, bailando en el parque y por las calles del centro.

Photo: Sasha Klupchak
flash mob 54aflash mob 73a flash mob 23a  flash mob 112a

Schedule and workshops in Dublin

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smartlab-butterfly copyYou still have time to register!!

15:30 Festival opening
16:00-17:50 WS 1 (Sheena Kelly-NI)
18:00- 19:50 WS 2 (Karen Anderson-Scotland)

10:00-11:50 WS 3 (Douglas Scott-USA)
12:00-13:30 WS 4 (Jiorgos Christakis-Greece)danceireland_logo
15:00-16:50 WS 5 (Lisa Cahill-Ireland
17:00 DANCE LAB creative challenge-choreographic work

FRIDAY July 10 (UCD)
10:00-11:50 WS 6 (Becky Siegel-USA/Spain)
12:00-DANCE LAB creative challenge-choreographic work
19:30 OPEN FORUM: Meet the choreographer and artistic director Douglas Scott
(Full Radius Dance)

12:00 Street performance -flash mob
19:00 Festival presentation

SUNDAY July 12 (UCD)
11:00 -12:30 open WS
12:30 Festival closure

MeetShareDance 2014 in Slovenia

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MeetShareDance festival 2014 will be held in Slovenia, in the capital Ljubljana. 

This time a bit later,  in May, from 8.5-11.5.2014. More details will be posted soon.

MeetShareDance team in collaboration with OdtiZ institute.



El festival MeetShareDance 2014 tendrá lugar en Eslovenia, en la capital Ljubljana.

Esta vez un poco mas tarde, en Mayo, desde 8.5. – 11.5.2014. Pronto mas información y detalles.

El equipo de MeetShareDance en colaboración con Instituto OdtiZ