Meet Us

11189838185_3e2eb12b90_hMonika Požek (Founder and artistic director)

She got her first dance training in Slovenia, dancing and competing hip hop for 12 years. After obtaining a degree (Adult and continuing education) she moved to Argentina where she began training contemporary techniques and dance impro. At the same time she started to study Dance therapy (at AADT and Maria Fux method) and integrated dance at IUNA with Susana Gonzales. She continued with Danceability teacher training in Finland, workshops with Adam Benjamin, CandoCo and collaborating with a wheelchair dance group Zebra (Slovenia) and DanZass (Madrid). In 2012 she starts a new project in Madrid – MeetShareDance integrated dance association. In 2014/2015 is a Fulbright Schuman researcher on integrated dance, traveling to Atlanta and working with Full Radius Dance. She lives and works in Madrid.



tanzfähig BERLIN initiative aims to add the dimension of physical diversity to contemporary dance, and is educationally as well as artistically oriented. The initiative advocates for plurality in dance and resists all uniformity. In dancing together, we support and represent a high level of diversity, while acknowledging that sometimes exclusions cannot be avoided. Developed from a melting pot of ideas in the disciplines of contemporary dance and dance improvisation, tanzfähig strives to provide access to dance for all people, and to support physical diversity among dancers. Bernhard Rizharz and Evelyne Wohlfarter are the main core of  the group.



2017 tanzfähig Berlin, Germany
2016 DanceAbility Finland, Helsinki
2015 Fluxusdance, Kildare, Ireland
2014 OdtiZ, Institute for Education and Inclusion, Ljubljana, Slovenija
2013 Madrid, Spain
2012 Madrid, Spain