MeetShareDance Workshop Festival


MeetShareDance workshop festival (MSD) started in 2012 in Madrid, Spain. The festival offers those interested in dance, movement and inclusive arts practices, the opportunity to experience, support and contribute to this emerging field of dance arts practice. It is an international festival based on a philosophy of inter-exchange, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience through workshops taught by teachers/movers/dancers/ choreographer’s who also participate and share within each other’s workshops and presentations. It was created to bring together dancers, choreographers and teachers interested in inclusion as an arts practice, and to investigate how it relates to their own dance practices.

FESTIVAL PARTNERS               

2023 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovia with Plesni Klub Habanera
2022 Austin, TX, USA with ArtSpark Texas
2022 Madrid, Spain MeetShareDance association
2019 Belfast, Northern Ireland with Open Arts
2018 Porto, Portugal with A_Ju_Dança
2017 Berlin, Germany with tanzfähig Berlin
2016 Helsinki, Finland with DanceAbility Finland
2015 Dublin, Ireland with Fluxusdance
2014 Ljubljana, Slovenija with Zavod OdtiZ
2013 Madrid, Spain MeetShareDance association
2012 Madrid, Spain MeetShareDance association

MeetShareDance is an immersive participatory event that promotes and aims to create an international dance network for individuals or groups that are working with dance and disability. MSD implements this by focusing on contemporary dance but welcomes all other styles, while always considering the new choreographic possibilities as well as new ways of dancing.

  • MeetShareDance is based on a philosophy of »inter-exchange«. We hope to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as broadly as we can, with workshops taught by teachers/movers who are also participants in other workshops.
  • It’s a workshop dance festival. It is not about attracting big names in the dance world, or supporting the hierarchies that exist in traditional dance festivals, where the students come and learn from many different »experts« in the field. It is about sharing the knowledge.
  • The intention is to gather and share new ideas and dance practices, open discussion, discover and chart changes in the world of dance and disability and to expose dance as a strong tendency in artistic and every day life.

MeetShareDance is for all dance professionals and amateurs, choreographers, teachers, dance producers with and without disabilities that are interested in dance, performance, creative investigation, learning and teaching.

·· To show the diversity of dancers and promote the development of professionals, inviting dance groups or individuals, national / international to learn from different proposals.

·· To promote both cultural and artistic exchange and growth from the creative encounter between dancers from different dance or artistic backgrounds.

·· To promote dance and diversity in a local environment. To generate interest in the local area of the festival by using a local public space (the city) and working with local artists, to create site-specific dance and performance works that come directly from the participants.